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5 Quick Selling Tips ✅

(Effective April 28, 2018)

Think you could use some help on how to reach a larger audience and sell your items more effectively? We’ve outlined 5 great tips for you below to set you well on your way!


1. Take beautiful photos of your items


This cannot be stressed enough. Beautifully taken photos truly do matter! Try taking your photos against a clean background as this will help make your items really stand out. Be creative, position your items well, and take advantage of camera filters. We find that simple but pretty looking photos are the most effective.


2. Use clear titles and correct Categories


While buyers take to Unisell’s marketplace when looking to buy a specific item, buyers may log in simply to browse and find inspiration. Make you items more visible in searches by giving them good titles – provide the brand, description of your items, condition of the item, etc. Avoid titles like “phone” or even “black phone” if you are selling an iPhone 7 in Matte Black. Instead, consider a title such as “iPhone 7 Matte Black Mint Condition”. It may take slightly longer to name your items, but the extra effort you will certainly be worth it.


3. Tag your items


Good item descriptions are just as important as good item titles. Adding relevant tags to your item descriptions can be a powerful way to get more visibility in the marketplace. For instance, continuing with the iPhone 7 example, you might want to add tags like #iPhone #iPhone 7 #NewiPhone #Black. Don’t be tempted to use misleading, false or unrelated tags such as #iPhone 6 #Silver #Android #Galaxy just to get more views. As this can be disruptive to our community, we view this as an abuse of Unisell features and can lead to a review of your account.


If you’re selling something related to an upcoming event or festive season, remember to add the relevant tags, too. The Unisell team might chance upon your listing and feature it in our Collections feature.


4. Set realistic prices 


Chances are, you are not the only one selling that iPhone, dress, or bicycle on Unisell! So it is a good idea to do quick check by searching for similar items to find out how other users are pricing them before deciding on what price level you would like set. Setting prices that appear realistic and competitive will always attract more attention! You can always amend the price of an item you have listed at any time (as long as you have not yet accepted an offer for that item).


5. Share your profile and item listings


Sharing your profile or listings to social media is a powerful way to (a) generally promote yourself or your items to fellow students and your friends or (b) promote something you know is being specifically sought by people you know. Unisell allows you to share your profile or item listing at any time to WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Unisell also lets you share an item directly (via a link) into WhatsApp, Messenger and Email. This sends a thumbnail and a brief summary of your item in your chat or message. Recipients that have Unisell on their phones can simply tap on the link and view the full item listing in Unisell.