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Transacting & Safety Tips ⚠️

(Effective April 28, 2018)

Unisell can truly be a powerful tool when everyone uses it correctly and fairly. So to help you make the most of Unisell, we have laid out a bunch of really useful tips for you to consider when using the app. These will guide you on how to use Unisell smartly, but also as safely as possible, when transacting with other users.



Tips for Buyers


  • Read the Seller’s Full Listing Description


The “Description” area on a listing is there for a reason. It’s where sellers can include important details about an item they are selling such as its physical description but also additional relevant details such as its story, why it’s special or why the seller is choosing to sell it. Reading it properly will save you and the seller lots of needless back and forth. So read the description carefully!


  • Read the Seller’s Profile


Sellers often outline their transacting preferences on their profiles e.g. if they will ship items and what fees they might charge, if they are open to negotiating prices, if they prefer to meet at a particular location, etc. Reading profiles properly will save you and the seller lots of needless back and forth. Also, viewing the seller’s profile can also tell you about their personality and interests. Familiarise yourself with sellers to understand how to best approach a potential transaction with them.


  • Read the Seller’s Ratings


Ratings is the system we use to encourage users to display good behaviour. A seller’s rating tells you about their reputation as a seller and what others users have said about them. So if a seller has many negative smileys and/or negative comments, you may want to investigate further or avoiding buying from them altogether.


  • Ask Questions and for More Photos


Never jump into a transaction until you are fully confident about the item itself and the seller. Ask as many questions and for as many photos as you need to determine whether or not to proceed with a transaction. The more friendly you are in doing so, the more forthcoming a seller is likely to be in providing you with the details you want.


  • Confirm Exactly What Is Included


An item such as an iPhone may or may not include a charger or cable so make sure you know exactly what the seller is including or excluding in the price. Also, don’t forget to ask for purchase receipts, certificates of authenticity, warranty forms and/or other documents if they are relevant to the value of the item you are buying.


  • Take Extra Care When Buying Tickets/Vouchers


When buying a ticket or voucher, always request photos which clearly show its validity and terms and conditions. This is important because tickets and/or vouchers often contain resale restrictions or other terms and conditions which might void them if unused by a certain date, not used by the original holder, or resold. Also, fake or used copies may be floating around so always be careful in determining authenticity.


  • Use the “Make Offer” Function


Once you are set on a price, you should always use the “Make Offer” function. However, we strongly suggest that you and the seller first agree on the transaction process.


When you have offered your “Make Offer” price and the seller accepts your “Make Offer” price, the transaction becomes ratified (i.e. is recognised by Unisell as a completed transaction). Once this happens, you and the buyer have an equal obligation to follow through with the transaction at the agreed price. Each party will thereafter leave a Rating.


  • Ask for Registered/Tracked Mail (for Deliveries)


If you are buying an item by shipment, always ensure that delivery arrangements are fully understood and agreed by you and the seller. And we highly recommend whenever possible that you opt for registered or tracked mail despite the slightly higher cost of doing so, especially for more expensive, valuable or brittle items. Better to be safe than sorry!


  • Inspect the Item Upon Meeting


Your meeting with the seller is your last opportunity to ensure an item is what was advertised and promised. Be calm and take your time to hold, feel, test, smell, read or otherwise verify the product is what you were expecting. Make sure that if any accessories or supporting items were promised that these are also included and in working condition. If at this stage you have legitimate reason to believe that the item is not what it should be and/or the seller has not been fair or truthful, raise the issue with the seller and walk away from the transaction. Reach out to us if you feel the matter is worth our attention at support@unisellapp.com.


  • Bring the Exact Sum of Cash Upon Meeting


As a buyer, it is your responsibility to bring the exact sum of cash for the item you are buying. Nobody wants to be left in the awkward situation where neither of you have the correct change! Also, doing so helps to avoid situations where incorrect change might be given either on purpose or by accident. Always come prepared!



Tips for Sellers


  • State Your Preferences Clearly


Sellers include important information about their items in the Description section such as condition, if anything else is included in the price, and why they are selling it. Reading this carefully can avoid lots of needless back and forth between you and the seller and any last-minute surprises. So pay attention to it!


  • Read the Buyer’s Profile


A lot of useful information can be gathered from viewing buyer’s profile such as their previously sold items, ratings, Following/Followers, personality.


  • Read the Buyer’s Ratings


A buyer’s ratings and comments (as left by other users) tells you about their reputation within the community. You may want to be more cautious with or avoid altogether a buyer with a large number of negative smileys or comments. Look out for buyers who are known to go quiet or withdraw from transactions at the last minute. If you encounter such a buyer, try to find another buyer that appears more reliable.


  • Remind Buyers to Use The “Make Offer” Function


Using the “Make Offer” function is very important because this is how we recognise and validate that an official price offer is made and accepted (and that the transaction is ratified). Also, you and the buyer can only leave ratings for each other once the buyer has made an offer and you have accepted it. It is fine to first discuss and agree on a price informally in Chat, but don’t forget to remind the buyer to use the “Make Offer” function before moving ahead with the transaction. 


  • Payment Before Postage


As a general rule for delivery-based transactions, we advise that you wait until you have confirmed receipt of payment from the buyer before mailing out the item.


  • Ask for Registered/Tracked Mail (for Deliveries)


We highly recommend whenever possible that you suggest registered or tracked mail despite the slightly higher cost of doing so, especially for more expensive, valuable or brittle items. Doing so can help prevent buyer scams and gives you better peace of mind in general.


  • Bring Some Change (Just in Case)


It’s good practice to bring some change with you in case the buyer you are meeting does not have the exact sum of money to pay for your item. For example, if your item costs £9 it would be a good idea to have £1 with you just in case.



Tips for Everyone


  • Use Common Sense


Always use your instincts and best judgement when assessing the credibility of an item or user. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is!


  • Keep All Communication within Unisell


When transacting, we don’t recommend chatting or communicating with other users off the Platform e.g. through SMS, WhatsApp or Facebook. Keeping it within Unisell provides us with a record that we can use to help you resolve matters if and when things go wrong. 


  • Be Smart with Payments


Unfortunately, payment scams is something we must all look out for. Please only use payment methods which you are familiar with and trust (e.g. PayPal). Don’t proceed with a transaction if you feel the suggested payment method seems questionable.


When receiving payments, always double deck the source of payment is legitimate e.g. by checking for the seller’s email address.


  • Meet in a Safe Public Place


Always arrange to meet up at a safe and well-lit public place, and at a reasonable time of the day. Examples of such locations could be: a common meeting point on your campus, your university’s library, outside a central café or at a well-known landmark. Also, avoid holding large sums of cash when meeting people. Bring a friend along if you can.


Remember, since you will most likely not know what the other person looks like, let the other person know what you are or are going to be wearing when you meet so you have an easy way to identify each other. Otherwise you may both lose out on your transaction!


  • Be Prompt and Friendly


Always be on time, friendly and respectful when meeting up to transact with another user. Who doesn’t want a great rating? Also, you never know what follow on transactions might arise with that same user.


  • Report and Flag a User


If at any point during your experience using Unisell you feel you have been a victim of scam, abuse or that another user has in any way violated our community guidelines, we urge you to use the Flag User function in the app and/or inform us of the matter as soon as possible at support@unisellapp.com. We take these reports extremely seriously and reassure you that appropriate action will be taken against users who we feel compromise the integrity of Unisell.  



Final Tips


  • Always use common sense and good judgement when transacting. Before you buy any item, make sure the item is exactly what it is claimed to be by the seller. Ask for better photos if you feel you need more evidence before making an official offer. When you meet up with a seller, always calmly and thoroughly inspect the item before paying for it. When you opt to buy an item via mail or delivery, always thoroughly confirm your delivery arrangements with the seller and double check that your address is correct. If at any stage of a transaction you feel something is not quite right or appears suspicious, try to seek more information and reassess if you would like to continue with it or withdraw.


  • The Unisell community comprises a diverse set of users: from a range of age groups, universities, nationalities and backgrounds. We embrace such diversity and are committed to respecting that every user is viewed and treated equally. This includes the equal right to buy and/or sell at their own discretion. So, please respect all users equally and use such discretion wisely and responsibly.