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Community Guidelines 📋

(Effective April 28, 2018)

Our top priority at Unisell is and always will be your safety. But we also want you to have a fun and rewarding experience buying and selling things and interacting with other users. A great Unisell community is ultimately based on the reciprocity of fair and responsible behaviour by all users.


To make your experience and the experience of other users as great as possible, we have set out what we call our Community Guidelines which we hope you will use and benefit from.



Unisell DOs


✅Take Attractive Photos


We strongly encourage you to take your own photos of your item when listing it on Unisell. We’ve tried to make this as quick and easy as possible! We totally advise putting in that extra bit of effort to spice up the photos you take by staging your item using good lighting, clean backgrounds, and careful positioning and also by using camera filters for that extra pop. On top of this, it is important to make sure that all the necessary features of your item are included in the corresponding photos so that other users get the best possible view of what you are selling.


Remember, great photos attract far more attention and increase your chances of selling your stuff. They also help build your personal image as a good seller. On the flip side, poorly taken photos can put others off from considering your item and may also impact your reputation as a seller.


Using stock photos that you found online or photos from another user’s profile, instead of taking your own, is allowed although not encouraged. But if you do, please make sure to give due credit to the source(s) of such photos as we need you to respect the copyrights of others.


✅Make Use of Categories


At Unisell, we believe assigning items into Categories helps buyers find things quicker, and as a result, helps sellers sell things quicker! We also find that our users enjoy browsing for things by Category. Because every item on Unisell belongs to a certain Category, by listing your item under the correct Category or Sub-Category, other users will find it much easier to find your item. For example, if you are selling a bicycle, list it under the “Bicycles & Accessories” Category. This way, your item will appear within the “Bicycles & Accessories” Category when other users search there.


It is a very good idea to familiarise yourself well with all the item Categories and Sub-Categories that are available on Unisell so you’ll know which is the most suitable Category for your item. These may be updated from time to time so do keep an eye out. Remember, everyone on Unisell benefits when items are listed under their correct Categories!


✅Be Friendly and Respectful


We want Unisell to be a trusting community. So it is always a good idea to think of your fellow users as friends or neighbours. As you have your own unique style, interests and sense of creativity, other users will be unique in their own way too and this should be respected. Afterall, this makes for a more vibrant community! We also think it’s a good idea to always be polite in Chats with other users such as when you make an enquiry into an item or respond to another user’s enquiry. This helps build trust between you and other users and, in general, helps to foster a happy environment where users can feel open and comfortable when using Unisell.


✅Be Accurate and Honest


Being as accurate and honest as possible in describing or photographing your item is key to benefitting the most from Unisell. Always show and describe your item’s appearance, condition, sizing and/or measurement as truthfully as you can, and avoid hiding, covering up or faking features or anything about the item that you think might concern a buyer (e.g. scratches on a screen or a torn page in a textbook). Do also be honest in Chats and in all communication with other users as this ultimately creates trust and will result in more of your transactions being successful.


✅Be Responsible and Sensible


Treat others as you would want them to treat you! This is one of our main philosophies here at Unisell.


If you and another user have agreed on a price and committed to do a transaction, it is right that both you and the other party should stay committed and complete the transaction. Sometimes a better opportunity can arise after you have already committed to a transaction. However, we ask that you do not withdraw from a transaction you have already committed to as doing so is disuptive to the Unisell experience and would not be in the spirit of the Unisell community.


In cases where you agree to send or deliver an item by post, ensure this is done in a timely manner as agreed with the buyer. Also, it is good practice to always double check the buyer’s delivery details and ensure your item is packed securely so that items arrive safely and on time.


✅Be Fair in Setting and Asking for Prices


As a seller, setting unreasonably high or low prices on your items could project a dubious or mistrustful image of the item you are selling. This may cause other users to avoid pursuing your item or put them off from interacting with you. If there is a genuine reason for setting such a price, ensure this is outlined in your item’s description.


As a buyer, we encourage you to be mindful of a seller’s asking price. Always check if a seller is open to negotiating their price before offering them a lower price. If a seller is willing to negotiate, it can be tempting to offer a much lower price than the seller’s asking price. However, this is strongly discouraged at Unisell as this can make sellers upset. If you strongly disagree with a seller’s price, simply look for another seller that is offering a more acceptable price.


✅Build Your Reputation


Your reputation on Unisell is part of what makes you credible, trustworthy and interesting within the community. So it is ultimately key to being successful. We use a feature called Ratings to help build your reputation and that of other users. Ratings involves the giving and receiving of a rating and comment based on a transaction that has been completed. Always make sure that when you complete a transaction, the buyer or seller with whom you have transacted leaves you a rating, and similarly, that you give a rating to them.


While we hope ratings can always be positive, there may be instances where you went through a negative experience with another user and that this justified leaving them a negative rating. Either way, rating other users should always be given honestly and relate to specific transactions. Leaving fake or untruthful ratings is something we take very seriously and can lead to suspension of account.


✅Choose an Appropriate Username


You are free to be as creative as you like when choosing your username but we have some rules. Your username must be at least 4 characters long. Also please make sure your username does not contain any vulgarities or the word “Unisell” (which would be unauthorised use of our name!). We may change or reject your username if we find that it is inappropriate.  




Unisell DONTs 


❌Avoid Using Text as Photos


Why use text (e.g. copied from a word doc or website) when you can use a beautiful photo? Boring! Afterall, snapping photos of the items you want to sell is part of why Unisell was created! Photos and images are what make Unisell engaging and our users successful. Text should serve to provide context and information about what is already shown in your photos which is what the Description area is for. We take quite a tough stand against using text as a photo and may remove your listing or suspend your account. So please avoid doing this!


❌No Prohibited Items


Your safety is a top priority for us at Unisell. While we want Unisell to be as open and enjoyable as possible, we need to have some safeguards in place to ensure that our community remains clean and safe and that the spirit of Unisell is not violated. Prohibiting certain items is one of these safeguards including for example alcohol and tobacco products (in commercial quantities), drugs, medicines, weapons, animals, sexual content, counterfeit items, infrginging items, and recalled, stolen or illegal items. We also strictly prohibit any items which may be hateful, offensive or insensitive to any race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.


We may suspend or discontinue your account if we find you have violated these rules. See our Prohibited Items Policy for more details.


❌Don’t List Duplicates


Creating multiple listings for the same item can come across as spammy and a bit unpleasant. They are not necessary and (literally!) get in the way of the browsing experience for everyone else. All users should have only one listing for any given item or service. This is to ensure a fair marketplace for all users. In cases where you would like to sell multiple copies or pieces of the same item (e.g. 2 of the exact same iPhone model), you should list these as a single combined listing, not 2 separate listings. With a combined listing, you can always accept multiple offers on the same item without marking it as reserved or sold.


Creating duplicate listings may lead to your listings being removed and/or your account being suspended. See our duplicate listings page here for more details.


❌Don’t List Anything Infringing


We don’t allow you to post or communicate any content that infringes upon the intellectual property rights of other people or users in our community. Intellectual property rights are to be respected!


❌No Irrelevant Content


Unisell provides you with a platform to buy and sell things genuinely in a way that is fun and reliable. So we don’t allow you to list or communicate content that detracts from this purpose (e.g. personal/corporate promotion, commercial spam, dubious URLs, or any other non-selling related activities). This applies to photos, descriptions, chats and any other communication on Unisell. Items you list should be solely for the purpose selling something that you genuinely would like to sell. Irrelevant or inappropriate content leads to an unpleasant Unisell experience so please avoid engaging in such activity.


❌Don’t Spam with Keywords


Like duplicate listings, using excessive or irrelevant keywords for your listings can interfere with the browsing experience at Unisell. For example, if you would like to list an iPhone 7, please refrain from using keywords such as “iPhone 6”, “iPhone 5”, “iPad”, “MacBook” or even “Galaxy S7” or “Samsung” as an attempt to get a wider reach. Such keywords don’t represent the item you are selling. You may however use keywords such as “iPhone7”, “iPhone”, “Apple”, “Mobile Phone” etc in this case as these are directly relevant to your item.


We may remove your listing or suspend your account if we feel you have used excessive and/or irrelevant keywords on a listing.


❌Avoid Any Form of Spam


Unisell should remain free of any form of spam. We understand that you want to buy, promote and sell items as quickly as possible and that this can be exciting. However, please don’t do this by spamming or using excessive chat messages or making overly frequent or unreasonable offers. Doing so makes using Unisell unpleasant for other users and can damage your reputation in the community. We may take necessary action against users that are found to be engaging in such behaviour.


❌Don’t Be Rude


Any form of rudeness is not tolerated in our community. We want our users at Unisell to be friendly, polite and respectful. By being friendly with another user, you inspire them to be friendly and so on, and that helps to foster a happier community for everybody. Any user that has been reported by another user for being rude will be reviewed by us and potentially suspended if we feel a valid complaint has been made against them.


❌Don’t Impersonate Others


Much like respecting others’ intellectual property, we also strongly believe in respecting others’ identity. You are not allowed to portray another user or person and certainly not in any perverse, misleading or deceptive manner. At Unisell, impersonation can mean using someone else’s personal information as your own, imitating the personal details or account of another user with the intention to deceive or mislead, or falsely claiming to be an employee of Unisell or any other person. We take impersonation matters seriously so any finding of such activity may lead to immediate deactivation of account.



⚠️Other Important Points and Considerations


  • Always use common sense and good judgement when transacting. Before you buy any item, make sure the item is exactly what it is claimed to be by the seller. Ask for more or better photos if you feel you need more evidence before making an offer. When you meet a seller, always calmly and thoroughly inspect the item before paying for it. When you opt to buy an item via mail delivery, always throroughly confirm your delivery arrangements with the seller and double check that your address is correct. If at any stage of a transaction you feel something is not quite right or appears suspicious, try to seek more information and reassess if you would like to continue with the transaction or withdraw.


  • Always arrange to meet in a safe public location. Examples of such locations could be: a common meeting point on your campus, your university’s library, a central café or shopping mall, or a central tube station. When meeting, always be friendly and calm. And always be cautious.


  • The Unisell community comprises a diverse set of users: from a range of age groups, universities, nationalities, and backgrounds. We embrace such diversity and are committed to respecting that every user has equal rights. This includes the equal right to buy and/or sell at their own discretion. So, please respect all users equally and use such discretion wisely and responsibly.


  • Please don’t abuse the features made available to you on Unisell. They are there to help you buy and sell things as quickly and easily as possible. Such abuse could include: falsely and/or repeatedly reporting other users, falsely and/or repeatedly flagging items, spamming or harassing other users in Chats, creating duplicate listings, abusing the “follow” feature, and so on. Engaging in such abuse could lead to your account being suspended or deactivated.


  • If you encounter a negative experience with another user – whether due to dishonesty, harassment, intimidation, impersonation, or any other unfair or inappropriate behaviour – please do not in any way attempt to retaliate or imitate such behaviour. Instead, use the flag feature to report that user to us and email us immediately to let us know. We will then look into the matter and take the necessary action against that user.


  • As Unisell is constantly evolving and improving, these Community Guidelines will need to change from time to time. So do keep an eye out for any updates.


  • Finally, and most importantly, please have fun using Unisell!



✏️Reach Out to Us


We’ve our tried our best to keep our guidelines as short and simple as possible. However, if you have any comments, questions or concerns regarding these guidelines we’d be very glad to hear and address them. We believe following these simple guidelines will allow Unisell to be a truly magical place. As we value every single user on Unisell, we would deeply regret having to suspend or deactivate your account if these guidelines were to be ignored. We take our guidelines seriously and hope that you will as well.


If you ever encounter an issue with another user or with a transaction you have entered into which you feel is suspicious or not quite right, or need help with any other aspect of the Unisell experience, reach out to us at support@unisellapp.com. Do provide us with as much information as possible (e.g. username, dates, description of the issue, urgency) to help us in our review. We’ll try our best to help resolve your issue as soon as we can.